Composite Pipes

Vibrant Industries is the Authorised Distributor to sell Jindal MLC Pipes, associated Fittings, Tools & Accessories in Tamil Nadu.

Jindal MLC Pipe, an aluminium core tube permanently bonded by adhesive to the interior and exterior tube layers of polyethylene, manufactured with the latest German Technology in the most modern and state of the art facilities. By this Jindal Composite Pipes combine the advantages of metal and plastic pipes and eliminate the disadvantages of both materials at the same time. The Aluminium layer allows Jindal MLC pipes to withstand high working pressure and prevent liquids / gases from permeating into the pipe. They are easily bent, which makes the use of numerous fittings unnecessary.

Jindal MLC pipe is a new generation environment friendly pipe system of world class quality with ISI Mark gradually being accepted all over world as a substitute for traditional piping such as G.I, M.S, Copper & PVC. Jindal Composite pipes can be used for the piping needs of cost effective and high quality Water, Air & Gas distribution pipe lines and for Plumbing needs of high quality industrial, residential & commercial complexes.

Technical Highlights:

  • Corrosion Resistant, Fire Resistant, Resistant to Chemicals
  • Working Temp Range: from -40 to 95 degree centigrade
  • Malleable - easily formed and set by hand
  • Light Weight - easy to carry & store
  • 50 years of working life


  • Cold & Hot Water Distribution
  • Gas & LPG Distribution
  • Compressed Air Distribution
  • Under floor Heating / Cooling System
  • Medical, Food and Chemical Industry’s Pipe System