Trading being the core of Vibrant’s business, Composite Pipes. Current Product categories under Trading BU are :

Building Materials

  • Focus on sourcing & supply of equipments & materials to construction sites
  • Construction sites include Residential, Commercial & Industrial Complexes
  • Current Products are Jindal Composite Pipes
  • Expansion into Emerging Products for Construction Industry

New Products

Vibrant Industries is venturing into sourcing and supplying of Building Materials , which are new & upcoming and that can substitute the conventional products being used in construction of Industrial, Commercial & Residential Buildings

Following are the major activities:

  • Identifying and evaluating new Building Materials ; qualifying for agency business
  • Tie-up with manufacturers of shortlisted products and prepare the marketing / sales strategy
  • Promoting the products as per the sales strategy
  • Periodically adding more products based on Vibrant’s sourcing strength and market potential